IXOline is a private Vietnamese-owned company and is based in Hanoi. With a wide range of tours and tailor-made options for all travelers, we offer a range of colorful touches to the life of Vietnam. All IXOline tours or packages share a common love of adventure, but life-altering experiences come in a variety of flavours.

  • We design and adapt our trips to respond to our guest’s specific interests. We cater for all ages.
  • Our guest’s days are rich with experiences and activities. From the different modes of transport to the paths we travel and the relaxed pace.Everything we do brings us into close contact with the local people and their cultures.
  • Our travellers see areas and experience activities “off the beaten track”We go to geographically beautiful, out-of-the-way places, allowing our clients to meet local people in their villages and spend time interacting with them (cooking, having tea, sharing meals and staying overnight).
  • We are committed to travel that minimizes negative impacts and promotes positive effects on the local population and the environment
  • We encourage our clients to join us in using transport that minimizes fuel consumption and pollution. For example, we offer the option of using bicycles, river boats and local buses.
  • We choose small, locally-owned accommodation and homestays; local restaurants or markets for eating. This brings revenue to local communities and gives guests a more intimate view into the way of life in Vietnam.

Our Team

Meet our inspiring people behind the move.

Jenny Hoang


Thang Pham

Tour guide

Hathu Pham

Travel Consultant


Travel Consultant

Hieu Nguyen

Sales Manager

Hien Tran

Tour Operator

Sunny Halong

Tour guide